Integrative Therapy Solutions LLC



Integrative Therapy Solutions

Serving the Denver Metro and Front Range Communties



To provide integrative and culturally relevant services

to individuals and families facing adversity. 

I strive to develop internal awareness, individual competencies

and community integration to promote lives characterized by

resiliency and growth.

Promoting lives characterized by resiliency and growth....


this is the mission of Integrative Therapy Solutions, a Denver and Aurora based counselling practice.  I provide counseling for a wide range of concerns.  Are you thinking that you might benefit from counseling?  See the "Why go to Counseling" page. As a Denver and Aurora based counselor I follow evidence informed counseling practices.  This means I provide counseling methods which are backed by research! 

I provide in home therapy

to individuals, families and also offer groups. 


I also provide contracted services to organizations serving youth and families.  I provide individual, group and family therapy

community advocacy and resource aquisition

restorative justice services

community resource consultations