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When to pursue counseling……


Many people are not sure when counseling would be appropriate for them. 

  • Are my issues something that counseling can help with? 
  • Are my issues really to the point that I need to seek therapy or am I just making a big deal about it? 
  • Would I even like talking to a counselor?
  • Do other people go to counseling for these problems? 
  • Can counseling really help?


Counseling with a Therapist can be helpful for people with symptoms which are negatively affecting their social life, relationships, work situation or interfering with their ability to live a satisfying and productive life.  If the problems you have are limiting your ability to have satisfying relationships, have a meaningful career or feel content with your life, counseling  with a Metro Denver and Community Based Therapists may be able to help.

 People seek counseling for many concerns:

  • High levels of conflict in relationships
  • Feelings of worthlessness and a lack of purpose
  • A lasting sense that something is missing in life
  • Feeling overwhelmed and panicky
  • Preparing for marriage
  • Having flashbacks to horrible experiences
  • Difficulties forming trusting and satisfying relationships
  • Dealing with a painful experience – losing a loved one, a job
  • Troubles finding a satisfying career
  • Struggling with addiction to substances
  • Frustration parenting children who seem out of control  
  • Seeking support when going through big changes in life
  • Feeling that one’s emotions are out of control
  • Seeking help with developing realistic goals and planning to meet them